Commit 2b58730a authored by Minghai Shang's avatar Minghai Shang Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "[svc] Fix issue for setting layers through ffmpeg"

parents 77e4f85c d4124ea3
......@@ -524,9 +524,6 @@ vpx_codec_err_t vpx_svc_init(SvcContext *svc_ctx, vpx_codec_ctx_t *codec_ctx,
// use SvcInternal value for number of layers to enable forcing single layer
// for first frame
si->layers = svc_ctx->spatial_layers;
res = parse_quantizer_values(svc_ctx, si->quantizers, 0);
if (res != VPX_CODEC_OK) return res;
......@@ -538,10 +535,13 @@ vpx_codec_err_t vpx_svc_init(SvcContext *svc_ctx, vpx_codec_ctx_t *codec_ctx,
res = parse_scale_factors(svc_ctx, si->scale_factors);
if (res != VPX_CODEC_OK) return res;
// parse aggregate command line options
// Parse aggregate command line options. Options must start with
// "layers=xx" then followed by other options
res = parse_options(svc_ctx, si->options);
if (res != VPX_CODEC_OK) return res;
si->layers = svc_ctx->spatial_layers;
// Assign target bitrate for each layer. We calculate the ratio
// from the resolution for now.
// TODO(Minghai): Optimize the mechanism of allocating bits after
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