Commit 2bb8ecad authored by Frank Galligan's avatar Frank Galligan
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libvpx: Fix vp9 clang build.

- UNINITIALIZED_IS_SAFE Macro triggers a warning in Clang for

Change-Id: Ib02c82f1fede7826564e17ccb7171c6fb18b8e44
parent 3810bca9
......@@ -1550,7 +1550,7 @@ static void decode_tiles(VP9D_COMP *pbi,
if (pbi->oxcf.inv_tile_order) {
const int n_cols = pc->tile_columns;
const uint8_t *data_ptr2[4][1 << 6];
BOOL_DECODER bc_bak = {0};
// pre-initialize the offsets, we're going to read in inverse order
data_ptr2[0][0] = data_ptr;
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