Commit 2e6a9ab9 authored by Yi Luo's avatar Yi Luo
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Fix a baseline build error

Change-Id: I9b92caa9d65a3b062762c270c89018c8e08eba0f
parent 1ff7d9ab
......@@ -3667,13 +3667,12 @@ static int get_refresh_mask_gf16(AV1_COMP *cpi) {
static int get_refresh_mask(AV1_COMP *cpi) {
int refresh_mask = 0;
if (cpi->rc.baseline_gf_interval == 16) return get_refresh_mask_gf16(cpi);
#endif // USE_GF16_MULTI_LAYER
int refresh_mask = 0;
// NOTE(zoeliu): When LAST_FRAME is to get refreshed, the decoder will be
// notified to get LAST3_FRAME refreshed and then the virtual indexes for all
// the 3 LAST reference frames will be updated accordingly, i.e.:
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