Commit 3241cc2f authored by Hui Su's avatar Hui Su

Fix a compiler warning in read_intrabc_info()

Change-Id: I20df9de1f72f3ccf31ce461fb3eeea3c174c9d83
parent 78f7bb98
......@@ -1017,7 +1017,8 @@ static void read_intrabc_info(AV1_COMMON *const cm, MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
mbmi->min_tx_size = mbmi->tx_size;
set_txfm_ctxs(mbmi->tx_size, xd->n8_w, xd->n8_h, mbmi->skip, xd);
mbmi->mode = mbmi->uv_mode = UV_DC_PRED;
mbmi->mode = DC_PRED;
mbmi->uv_mode = UV_DC_PRED;
mbmi->interp_filters = av1_broadcast_interp_filter(BILINEAR);
int16_t inter_mode_ctx[MODE_CTX_REF_FRAMES];
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