Commit 3442b4b1 authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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change to call fwd_txfm()

The transform functions have been refactored in nextgenv2, this commit
resolves the calls in pvq patch to use this new scheme.

Change-Id: I1b56e75106a3357bb19bd7df2b4ba305eb9ed185
parent d6ea71cf
......@@ -4612,9 +4612,17 @@ static int64_t encode_inter_mb_segment(const AV1_COMP *const cpi, MACROBLOCK *x,
dst[dst_stride * (j + 4 * idy) + (ii + 4 * idx)];
fwd_txm4x4(src_int16, coeff, diff_stride);
fwd_txm4x4(pred, ref_coeff, diff_stride);
FWD_TXFM_PARAM fwd_txfm_param;
fwd_txfm_param.tx_type = DCT_DCT;
fwd_txfm_param.tx_size = TX_4X4;
fwd_txfm_param.fwd_txfm_opt = FWD_TXFM_OPT_NORMAL;
fwd_txfm_param.rd_transform = 0;
fwd_txfm_param.lossless = xd->lossless[xd->mi[0]->mbmi.segment_id];
fwd_txfm(src_int16, coeff, diff_stride, &fwd_txfm_param);
fwd_txfm(pred, ref_coeff, diff_stride, &fwd_txfm_param);
av1_pvq_encode_helper(&x->daala_enc, coeff, ref_coeff, dqcoeff,
&p->eobs[k], pd->dequant, 0, TX_4X4, tx_type,
&rate_pvq, x->pvq_speed, NULL);
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