Commit 34d7c8b3 authored by Scott LaVarnway's avatar Scott LaVarnway
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Added vp8_dequant_idct_add_y_block_sse2 setup

In Change I83202ffd, I deleted one too many lines.

Change-Id: If05d7c8988eb5c00898dc7c833ad7d99b5eb23e7
parent f46e17fd
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ void vp8_arch_x86_decode_init(VP8D_COMP *pbi)
if (flags & HAS_SSE2)
pbi->dequant.idct_add_y_block = vp8_dequant_idct_add_y_block_sse2;
pbi->dequant.idct_add_uv_block = vp8_dequant_idct_add_uv_block_sse2;
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