Commit 39086c0b authored by Yushin Cho's avatar Yushin Cho
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Fix compile error when both of dist_8x8 and pvq are enabled

Remove mistakenly leftover code from commit

Note that this change force-disables activity masking in PVQ until we can add some
bitstream signaling for it.

Change-Id: I5279f82e7977733ebc40f5aed844ecec1279992a
parent 10a051fc
......@@ -3739,9 +3739,6 @@ static int64_t rd_pick_intra_sub_8x8_y_mode(const AV1_COMP *const cpi,
uint8_t *src = p->src.buf;
uint8_t *dst = pd->dst.buf;
use_activity_masking = mb->daala_enc.use_activity_masking;
#endif // CONFIG_PVQ
// Daala-defined distortion computed for the block of 8x8 pixels
total_distortion = av1_dist_8x8(cpi, mb, src, src_stride, dst, dst_stride,
BLOCK_8X8, 8, 8, 8, 8, mb->qindex)
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