Commit 3ab0df73 authored by Ryan Lei's avatar Ryan Lei
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fix the logic error for tile boundary checking

horizontal dependent tile and tile group should be able to be enabled
indepeendently. add comment to explain the expected behavior.

Change-Id: Id6988fb9ab7a404d608ea075ba7e9faf3acd5381
parent 5d34e6a7
......@@ -86,17 +86,28 @@ void av1_update_boundary_info(const struct AV1Common *cm,
for (col = mi_col; col < (mi_col + cm->mib_size); col++) {
MODE_INFO *const mi = cm->mi + row * cm->mi_stride + col;
mi->mbmi.boundary_info = 0;
// If horizontal dependent tile is enabled, then the horizontal
// tile boundary is not treated as real tile boundary for loop
// filtering, only the horizontal tile group boundary is treated
// as tile boundary.
// Otherwise, tile group boundary is treated the same as tile boundary.
// Loop filtering operation is done based on the
// loopfilter_across_tiles_enabled flag for both tile boundary and tile
// group boundary.
if (cm->tile_cols * cm->tile_rows > 1) {
if (row == tile_info->mi_row_start &&
(!cm->dependent_horz_tiles || tile_info->tg_horz_boundary))
if (row == tile_info->mi_row_start && !cm->dependent_horz_tiles)
if (row == tile_info->mi_row_start)
mi->mbmi.boundary_info |= TILE_ABOVE_BOUNDARY;
if (col == tile_info->mi_col_start)
mi->mbmi.boundary_info |= TILE_LEFT_BOUNDARY;
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