Commit 3abfee9a authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
Browse files remove renamed file

vp90-2-15-fuzz-flicker.webm was renamed in:
c3db2d8b error check vp9 superframe parsing

Change-Id: I229dd6ca4c662802c457beea0f7b4128153a65dc
parent bd1fc340
......@@ -758,8 +758,6 @@ LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += vp90-2-15-segkey.webm
LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += vp90-2-15-segkey.webm.md5
LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += vp90-2-15-segkey_adpq.webm
LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += vp90-2-15-segkey_adpq.webm.md5
LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += vp90-2-15-fuzz-flicker.webm
LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += vp90-2-15-fuzz-flicker.webm.md5
# Invalid files for testing libvpx error checking.
LIBVPX_TEST_DATA-$(CONFIG_VP9_DECODER) += invalid-vp90-01.webm
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