Commit 3bc0c657 authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Move calls to avoid unnecessary operations"

parents 12216419 02537ebb
......@@ -3794,9 +3794,6 @@ static INTERP_FILTER get_interp_filter(
void vp9_encode_frame(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
VP9_COMMON *const cm = &cpi->common;
RD_OPT *const rd_opt = &cpi->rd;
FRAME_COUNTS *counts = cpi->td.counts;
RD_COUNTS *const rdc = &cpi->td.rd_counts;
// In the longer term the encoder should be generalized to match the
// decoder such that we allow compound where one of the 3 buffers has a
......@@ -3818,11 +3815,11 @@ void vp9_encode_frame(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
vpx_memset(cpi->td.counts->tx.tx_totals, 0,
if (cpi->sf.frame_parameter_update) {
int i;
RD_OPT *const rd_opt = &cpi->rd;
FRAME_COUNTS *counts = cpi->td.counts;
RD_COUNTS *const rdc = &cpi->td.rd_counts;
// This code does a single RD pass over the whole frame assuming
// either compound, single or hybrid prediction as per whatever has
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