Commit 3c9a424e authored by jackychen's avatar jackychen
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VP9 dynamic resize: increase waiting time after key frame.

For 1 pass CBR mode: increase waiting time after key frame
before we start sampling rate control behavior for determining
resize. This change need to disable one internal resize(DownUp)
temporally since it requires a longer clip to do so.

Change-Id: If21beda1be23f169ee541ab4dd642f718347887a
parent d1a7c103
......@@ -378,7 +378,11 @@ TEST_P(ResizeInternalRealtimeTest, TestInternalResizeDown) {
// Verify the dynamic resizer behavior for real time, 1 pass CBR mode.
// Start at low target bitrate, raise the bitrate in the middle of the clip,
// scaling-up should occur after bitrate changed.
TEST_P(ResizeInternalRealtimeTest, TestInternalResizeDownUpChangeBitRate) {
// TODO(jackychen): Find a longer clip to enable this test. Logic for
// resizing in 1 pass CBR requires longer sequence to test resize down
// and back up again.
DISABLED_TestInternalResizeDownUpChangeBitRate) {
::libvpx_test::I420VideoSource video("hantro_collage_w352h288.yuv", 352, 288,
30, 1, 0, 299);
......@@ -1873,7 +1873,7 @@ int vp9_resize_one_pass_cbr(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
// Resize based on average buffer underflow and QP over some window.
// Ignore samples close to key frame, since QP is usually high after key.
if (cpi->rc.frames_since_key > 1 * cpi->framerate) {
if (cpi->rc.frames_since_key > 2 * cpi->framerate) {
const int window = (int)(4 * cpi->framerate);
cpi->resize_avg_qp += cm->base_qindex;
if (cpi->rc.buffer_level < (int)(30 * rc->optimal_buffer_level / 100))
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