Commit 3cf3ce94 authored by Geza Lore's avatar Geza Lore
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Disable loop restoration when LPF_PICK_MINIMAL_LPF.

The speed feature sf->lpf_picl == LPF_PICK_MINIMAL_LPF is used
to disable loop filtering. This did not work with the loop-restoration
experiment, but now it is respected.

Note that this speed feature is only used in real-time cpu-used >= 8

Change-Id: I193723c9ac5f802ec31d8c8b4d37650796e065fd
parent 58168f5b
......@@ -601,6 +601,7 @@ void vp10_pick_filter_restoration(
if (method == LPF_PICK_MINIMAL_LPF && lf->filter_level) {
lf->filter_level = 0;
cm->rst_info.restoration_type = RESTORE_NONE;
} else if (method >= LPF_PICK_FROM_Q) {
const int min_filter_level = 0;
const int max_filter_level = vp10_get_max_filter_level(cpi);
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