Commit 3e4df0ee authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan
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Make CMake util aom_push_var additive.

Change-Id: I949558a3fc716e717e3d0839a6a1ae4684ca7125
parent ff37c1a5
...@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ set(AOM_CXX_PASSED_TESTS) ...@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ set(AOM_CXX_PASSED_TESTS)
function(aom_push_var var new_value) function(aom_push_var var new_value)
set(SAVED_${var} ${var} PARENT_SCOPE) set(SAVED_${var} ${${var}} PARENT_SCOPE)
set(${var} ${new_value} PARENT_SCOPE) set(${var} "${${var}} ${new_value}" PARENT_SCOPE)
endfunction () endfunction ()
function(aom_pop_var var) function(aom_pop_var var)
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