Commit 3fb037aa authored by Zoe Liu's avatar Zoe Liu
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Remove FIXME comment that is invalid

The FIXME is a leftover from the expired code flow. It is no longer
valid for the current codebase.

Change-Id: Ic498e6d5c59581b559eacc087a98479e8be37555
parent 90e15088
......@@ -1344,7 +1344,6 @@ static void read_ref_frames(AV1_COMMON *const cm, MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
const REFERENCE_MODE mode = read_block_reference_mode(cm, xd, r);
// FIXME(rbultje) I'm pretty sure this breaks segmentation ref frame coding
const COMP_REFERENCE_TYPE comp_ref_type = read_comp_reference_type(xd, r);
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