Commit 410ae576 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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Prevent external frame size changes in two-pass

The two-pass code does not support the case where the application
changes the frame size dynamically. Add this case to the validation
checks in the vpx_codec_enc_config_set() path.

Change-Id: Idadc42c7c3bd566ecdbce30d8dd720add097f992
parent a419f0f2
......@@ -447,7 +447,7 @@ static vpx_codec_err_t vp8e_set_config(vpx_codec_alg_priv_t *ctx,
vpx_codec_err_t res;
if (((cfg->g_w != ctx->cfg.g_w) || (cfg->g_h != ctx->cfg.g_h))
&& cfg->g_lag_in_frames > 1)
&& (cfg->g_lag_in_frames > 1 || cfg->g_pass != VPX_RC_ONE_PASS))
ERROR("Cannot change width or height after initialization");
/* Prevent increasing lag_in_frames. This check is stricter than it needs
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