Commit 45b4832f authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar

Fix bad merge of coef_probs update

Stray CONFIG_HYBRIDTRANSFORM caused decode mismatch.

Change-Id: I1d77bad9b366f7a6ceb3cb45269ed5badb5c4c53
parent 226e55c1
...@@ -888,9 +888,8 @@ static void read_coef_probs(VP8D_COMP *pbi, BOOL_DECODER* const bc) { ...@@ -888,9 +888,8 @@ static void read_coef_probs(VP8D_COMP *pbi, BOOL_DECODER* const bc) {
VP8_COMMON *const pc = &pbi->common; VP8_COMMON *const pc = &pbi->common;
read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.coef_probs); read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.coef_probs);
read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.hybrid_coef_probs); read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.hybrid_coef_probs);
if (pbi->common.txfm_mode != ONLY_4X4) { if (pbi->common.txfm_mode != ONLY_4X4) {
read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.coef_probs_8x8); read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.coef_probs_8x8);
read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.hybrid_coef_probs_8x8); read_coef_probs_common(bc, pc->fc.hybrid_coef_probs_8x8);
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