Commit 4823dc36 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix an enc/dec mismatch issue in DRL experiment

This was broken due the leakage between consecutive CLs.

Change-Id: I08ba8c67a42871d9488729ed854845641aa7ca30
parent b4334460
......@@ -4856,11 +4856,6 @@ static int64_t rd_pick_best_sub8x8_mode(VP10_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x,
if (ref_mv_count[ref] > 0)
bsi->ref_mv[ref] = &ref_mv_stack[ref][0].this_mv;
mv_ref_list[0].as_int = frame_mv[NEARESTMV][frame].as_int;
mv_ref_list[1].as_int = frame_mv[NEARMV][frame].as_int;
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