Commit 49222c37 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix shift value in dist_block with hbd

This offset value related to the bit depth has been taken care of
inside the function vp10_highbd_block_error.

Change-Id: I58dd8a53380ba4529d59837e56a951bc81a2962e
parent d5ddb567
......@@ -1066,9 +1066,6 @@ static void dist_block(const VP10_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int plane,
tran_low_t *const dqcoeff = BLOCK_OFFSET(pd->dqcoeff, block);
const int bd = (xd->cur_buf->flags & YV12_FLAG_HIGHBITDEPTH) ? xd->bd : 8;
if (xd->cur_buf->flags & YV12_FLAG_HIGHBITDEPTH && xd->bd == BITDEPTH_10) {
shift = 2;
*out_dist = vp10_highbd_block_error(coeff, dqcoeff, 16 << ss_txfrm_size,
&this_sse, bd) >> shift;
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