Commit 49b26fe1 authored by David Michael Barr's avatar David Michael Barr
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Map uv_mode with get_uv_mode() for txk_sel

Blocks with uv_mode == UV_CFL_PRED were pointing past
the end of intra_mode_to_tx_type_context[].

Change-Id: Ia638470ce46f914883bfc3e03f35706ef3d76352
parent fa005074
......@@ -1069,7 +1069,7 @@ static INLINE TX_TYPE av1_get_tx_type(PLANE_TYPE plane_type,
} else {
// In intra mode, uv planes don't share the same prediction mode as y
// plane, so the tx_type should not be shared
tx_type = intra_mode_to_tx_type_context[mbmi->uv_mode];
tx_type = intra_mode_to_tx_type_context[get_uv_mode(mbmi->uv_mode)];
assert(tx_type < TX_TYPES);
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