Commit 4a535efc authored by Deb Mukherjee's avatar Deb Mukherjee

Change in data rate test to be less stringent

Makes the thresholds for bitrate control more leniant to
prevent test failures.

Change-Id: I535c1565174a8a46493b033531eb40360def883b
parent fbada948
......@@ -248,9 +248,11 @@ TEST_P(DatarateTestVP9, BasicRateTargeting) {
cfg_.rc_target_bitrate = i;
ASSERT_GE(cfg_.rc_target_bitrate, effective_datarate_ * 0.9)
effective_datarate_ * 0.85)
<< " The datarate for the file exceeds the target by too much!";
ASSERT_LE(cfg_.rc_target_bitrate, effective_datarate_ * 1.1)
effective_datarate_ * 1.15)
<< " The datarate for the file missed the target!";
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