Commit 4ce69de9 authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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Remove add_token_no_extra.

It was a fairly small production optimization for VP9.

Change-Id: Ie93b474ea5b7e63384a7c0b3a56b135462d1471b
(cherry picked from aom/master commit df9bb76b)
parent d5b9c730
......@@ -402,17 +402,6 @@ static INLINE void add_token(TOKENEXTRA **t, const aom_prob *context_tree,
static INLINE void add_token_no_extra(TOKENEXTRA **t,
const aom_prob *context_tree,
uint8_t token, uint8_t skip_eob_node,
unsigned int *counts) {
(*t)->token = token;
(*t)->context_tree = context_tree;
(*t)->skip_eob_node = skip_eob_node;
static INLINE int get_tx_eob(const struct segmentation *seg, int segment_id,
TX_SIZE tx_size) {
const int eob_max = num_4x4_blocks_txsize_lookup[tx_size] << 4;
......@@ -532,8 +521,11 @@ static void tokenize_b(int plane, int block, int blk_row, int blk_col,
skip_eob = (token == ZERO_TOKEN);
if (c < seg_eob) {
add_token_no_extra(&t, coef_probs[band[c]][pt], EOB_TOKEN, 0,
add_token(&t, coef_probs[band[c]][pt],
0, EOB_TOKEN, 0, counts[band[c]][pt]);
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