Commit 4f0943b9 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Turn on unit tests for AVX2 convolve functions

This patch turned on unit tests for AVX2 convolve functions.

Change-Id: I51b8bfdaa290fb22862c68af61abf2394d00d47c
parent e767cded
......@@ -644,6 +644,28 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(SSSE3, ConvolveTest, ::testing::Values(
make_tuple(64, 64, &convolve8_ssse3)));
const ConvolveFunctions convolve8_avx2(
vp9_convolve8_horiz_avx2, vp9_convolve8_avg_horiz_ssse3,
vp9_convolve8_vert_avx2, vp9_convolve8_avg_vert_ssse3,
vp9_convolve8_avx2, vp9_convolve8_avg_ssse3);
INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(AVX2, ConvolveTest, ::testing::Values(
make_tuple(4, 4, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(8, 4, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(4, 8, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(8, 8, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(16, 8, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(8, 16, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(16, 16, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(32, 16, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(16, 32, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(32, 32, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(64, 32, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(32, 64, &convolve8_avx2),
make_tuple(64, 64, &convolve8_avx2)));
const ConvolveFunctions convolve8_neon(
vp9_convolve8_horiz_neon, vp9_convolve8_avg_horiz_neon,
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