Commit 4f91a13a authored by Urvang Joshi's avatar Urvang Joshi

Re-enable decode_to_md5 test.

This test was disabled due to frequent ongoing changes to the bitstream.
Re-enabling the same, now that we are close to a bitstream freeze.

Going forward:
- Any normative changes to the bitstream will have to update the
expected_md5 value.
- On the other hand, this test allow catching any unintentional
bitstream changes.

Change-Id: I20d5252800aef4703cd5d6f408f196896e150f1d
parent b18f0e0b
......@@ -45,12 +45,19 @@ decode_to_md5() {
local md5_last_frame="$(tail -n1 "${output_file}" | awk '{print $1}')"
local actual_md5="$(echo "${md5_last_frame}" | awk '{print $1}')"
[ "${actual_md5}" = "${expected_md5}" ] || return 1
if [ "${actual_md5}" = "${expected_md5}" ]; then
return 0
elog "MD5 mismatch:"
elog "Expected: ${expected_md5}"
elog "Actual: ${actual_md5}"
return 1
decode_to_md5_av1() {
# expected MD5 sum for the last frame.
local expected_md5="26d3ef1d60754a1f6acb603c3763efbe"
local expected_md5="f48cbb1efe36e37243df8e0d76a65678"
local file="${AV1_IVF_FILE}"
if [ "$(av1_decode_available)" = "yes" ]; then
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
example_tests=$(ls $(dirname $0)/*.sh)
# List of script names to exclude.
exclude_list="best_encode decode_to_md5 examples run_encodes tools_common"
exclude_list="best_encode examples run_encodes tools_common"
# Filter out the scripts in $exclude_list.
for word in ${exclude_list}; do
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