Commit 50098d2f authored by Frederic Barbier's avatar Frederic Barbier

Cleanup obsolete comment

Change-Id: Ic6706ee6c39cb54ad2f746f05e80fbc6a0af88e0
parent 6394f0fd
...@@ -752,9 +752,6 @@ void av1_average_tile_inter_cdfs(AV1_COMMON *cm, FRAME_CONTEXT *fc, ...@@ -752,9 +752,6 @@ void av1_average_tile_inter_cdfs(AV1_COMMON *cm, FRAME_CONTEXT *fc,
AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(uni_comp_ref_cdf) AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(uni_comp_ref_cdf)
AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(comp_ref_type_cdf) AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(comp_ref_type_cdf)
#endif #endif
// FIXME: cdfs not defined for super_tx
AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(inter_compound_mode_cdf) AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(inter_compound_mode_cdf)
AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(compound_type_cdf) AVERAGE_TILE_CDFS(compound_type_cdf)
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