Commit 51ae36c8 authored by Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar Sebastien Alaiwan
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idct.c: reduce scope of array

Change-Id: Id4436c33dddc12d843d7975379be3c23bc73ba9c
parent fcdb1b45
......@@ -2095,7 +2095,7 @@ static void highbd_inv_txfm_add_64x64(const tran_low_t *input, uint8_t *dest,
#endif // CONFIG_TX64X64
#endif // !CONFIG_DAALA_TX
void av1_inv_txfm_add_txmg(const tran_low_t *dqcoeff, uint8_t *dst, int stride,
void av1_inv_txfm_add(const tran_low_t *dqcoeff, uint8_t *dst, int stride,
TxfmParam *txfm_param) {
const TX_SIZE tx_size = txfm_param->tx_size;
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, uint16_t, tmp[MAX_TX_SQUARE]);
......@@ -2138,10 +2138,6 @@ static void init_txfm_param(const MACROBLOCKD *xd, int plane, TX_SIZE tx_size,
typedef void (*InvTxfmFunc)(const tran_low_t *dqcoeff, uint8_t *dst, int stride,
TxfmParam *txfm_param);
static InvTxfmFunc inv_txfm_func[2] = {
av1_inv_txfm_add_txmg, av1_highbd_inv_txfm_add,
void av1_inverse_transform_block(const MACROBLOCKD *xd,
const tran_low_t *dqcoeff, int plane,
TX_TYPE tx_type, TX_SIZE tx_size, uint8_t *dst,
......@@ -2154,6 +2150,11 @@ void av1_inverse_transform_block(const MACROBLOCKD *xd,
init_txfm_param(xd, plane, tx_size, tx_type, eob, reduced_tx_set,
static const InvTxfmFunc inv_txfm_func[2] = {
av1_inv_txfm_add, av1_highbd_inv_txfm_add,
inv_txfm_func[txfm_param.is_hbd](dqcoeff, dst, stride, &txfm_param);
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