Commit 51af8a51 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Adjust icc compiler options

"-no-prec-div" option helps codec performance, so it was added back.
"-no-intel-extensions" was added to suppress link warning #10237.
option '-use-asm' is deprecated and removed.

Tested icc 32bit build and 64bit build.

Change-Id: I736ec2619857efd425ef76338dc52f8fbc0bcc7e
parent 57b97b56
...@@ -1060,9 +1060,11 @@ EOF ...@@ -1060,9 +1060,11 @@ EOF
CC=${CC:-icc} CC=${CC:-icc}
LD=${LD:-icc} LD=${LD:-icc}
setup_gnu_toolchain setup_gnu_toolchain
add_cflags -use-msasm -use-asm add_cflags -use-msasm # remove -use-msasm too?
add_ldflags -i-static # add -no-intel-extensions to suppress warning #10237
enabled x86_64 && add_cflags -ipo -static -O3 # refer to
add_ldflags -i-static -no-intel-extensions
enabled x86_64 && add_cflags -ipo -static -O3 -no-prec-div
enabled x86_64 && AR=xiar enabled x86_64 && AR=xiar
case ${tune_cpu} in case ${tune_cpu} in
atom*) atom*)
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