Commit 529ec3c9 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Silience a compiler warning in build_inter_predictors()

Remove the unused variable when cb4x4 is enabled.

Change-Id: I0d4d9ebd989cf90b9373d9989dd5e78b93d59e25
parent 50910f60
......@@ -900,7 +900,9 @@ void build_inter_predictors(MACROBLOCKD *xd, int plane,
struct macroblockd_plane *const pd = &xd->plane[plane];
const MODE_INFO *mi = xd->mi[mi_col_offset + xd->mi_stride * mi_row_offset];
const int build_for_obmc = !(mi_col_offset == 0 && mi_row_offset == 0);
#endif // !CONFIG_CB4X4
const MODE_INFO *mi = xd->mi[0];
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