Commit 53685900 authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick Committed by Yunqing Wang
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Fix ext-tile encoding when not using compressed header

The compressed header size is now sometimes not signalled and the
encoder code hadn't been updated to match.

Note: This mistake caused the failing test tracked in bug 917 to fail,
      but fixing it doesn't fix the test: the decoder now staggers on
      a little further before getting out of sync.


Change-Id: Ic0de99ede778844c4dbdd34dba3fba9c1fa2d95f
parent 7546b304
......@@ -5299,7 +5299,10 @@ void av1_pack_bitstream(AV1_COMP *const cpi, uint8_t *dst, size_t *size) {
// TODO(jbb): Figure out what to do if compressed_hdr_size > 16 bits.
assert(compressed_hdr_size <= 0xffff);
aom_wb_write_literal(&saved_wb, compressed_hdr_size, 16);
// Fill in the compressed header size (but only if we're using one)
if (use_compressed_header(cm)) {
aom_wb_write_literal(&saved_wb, compressed_hdr_size, 16);
} else {
data += data_size;
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