Commit 5370c6f1 authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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Initialize "corrupted" to zero

Because the call to vpx_codec_control at line 928 is now guarded by
!frame_parallel, 'corrupted' may not be set.

Change-Id: Id166bd8a8cdb5e5120fca1640011a3545f6e178a
parent 8a192ce7
......@@ -875,7 +875,7 @@ int main_loop(int argc, const char **argv_) {
vpx_codec_iter_t iter = NULL;
vpx_image_t *img;
struct vpx_usec_timer timer;
int corrupted;
int corrupted = 0;
frame_avail = 0;
if (!stop_after || frame_in < stop_after) {
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