Commit 54293ee3 authored by Adrian Grange's avatar Adrian Grange
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Fix calc_highbd_psnr

Should use the crop dimensions of the frame rather
than the extended size.

Change-Id: I49ed041a46ff0753d43e074020857b7ff2f95e17
parent 2b0ed084
......@@ -2002,8 +2002,10 @@ static void calc_highbd_psnr(const YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *a,
unsigned int bit_depth,
unsigned int in_bit_depth) {
const int widths[3] = {a->y_width, a->uv_width, a->uv_width };
const int heights[3] = {a->y_height, a->uv_height, a->uv_height};
const int widths[3] =
{a->y_crop_width, a->uv_crop_width, a->uv_crop_width };
const int heights[3] =
{a->y_crop_height, a->uv_crop_height, a->uv_crop_height};
const uint8_t *a_planes[3] = {a->y_buffer, a->u_buffer, a->v_buffer };
const int a_strides[3] = {a->y_stride, a->uv_stride, a->uv_stride};
const uint8_t *b_planes[3] = {b->y_buffer, b->u_buffer, b->v_buffer };
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