Commit 5443ff3a authored by Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar Sebastien Alaiwan Committed by sebastien alaiwan
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Use correct format specifier for 64-bit integers.

Change-Id: I366160220b5f7fe4ea6adb4719c4efeef6a7d6f7
parent d16a8365
......@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ void range_check_func(int32_t stage, const int32_t *input, const int32_t *buf,
fprintf(stderr, "Error: coeffs contain out-of-range values\n");
fprintf(stderr, "stage: %d\n", stage);
fprintf(stderr, "node: %d\n", i);
fprintf(stderr, "allowed range: [%d;%d]\n", minValue, maxValue);
fprintf(stderr, "allowed range: [%" PRId64 ";%" PRId64 "]\n", minValue,
fprintf(stderr, "coeffs: ");
fprintf(stderr, "[");
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