Commit 5538c2cb authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix highbd masked variance function declaration

Fix the variable type mismatch between highbd_calc_masked_var_t and
the actual function definiton. This clears the related compiler
warnings in highbd with ext-inter experiment.

Change-Id: I0423318b16c867ed84700084ad21ca6e42edb321
parent dc73c333
......@@ -1380,8 +1380,9 @@ MASK_SUBPIX_VAR_LARGE(128, 128)
typedef int (*highbd_calc_masked_var_t)(__m128i v_sum_d, __m128i v_sse_q,
unsigned int* sse, const int w, const int h);
typedef uint32_t (*highbd_calc_masked_var_t)(__m128i v_sum_d, __m128i v_sse_q,
uint32_t *sse,
const int w, const int h);
typedef unsigned int (*highbd_variance_fn_t)(
const uint8_t *a8, int a_stride,
const uint8_t *b8, int b_stride,
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