Commit 56066252 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han

[NORMATIVE] Fix top right mv check condition for VERT_A partition

When a coding block runs VERT_A partition, the coding order does
not follow raster order. This requires a special handle on the
bottom left square block to disable its reference towards the
top-right corner. Prior to this change the codebase would disable
the bottom-right square, as well as the right rectangular blocks,
from referencing the top-right mv. This commit fixes such check
condition to allow the right rectangular block to access the top
right mv.


Change-Id: I87049f0cec8ed7557a87c3fdef83e01498bbcd75
parent 233c7627
......@@ -436,8 +436,9 @@ static int has_top_right(const AV1_COMMON *cm, const MACROBLOCKD *xd,
// The bottom left square of a Vertical A (in the old format) does
// not have a top right as it is decoded before the right hand
// rectangle of the partition
if (xd->mi[0]->mbmi.partition == PARTITION_VERT_A)
if ((mask_row & bs) && !(mask_col & bs)) has_tr = 0;
if (xd->mi[0]->mbmi.partition == PARTITION_VERT_A) {
if (mask_row & bs) has_tr = 0;
return has_tr;
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