Commit 5a18106f authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev
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Code cleanup.

Removing redundant 'extern' keywords. Moving VP9DX_BOOL_DECODER from .h
to .c file.

Change-Id: I5a3056cb3d33db7ed3c3f4629675aa8e21014e66
parent 9837bf4d
......@@ -33,16 +33,27 @@ int vp9_start_decode(BOOL_DECODER *br,
void vp9_bool_decoder_fill(BOOL_DECODER *br) {
const unsigned char *bufptr;
const unsigned char *bufend;
VP9_BD_VALUE value;
int count;
bufend = br->user_buffer_end;
bufptr = br->user_buffer;
value = br->value;
count = br->count;
VP9DX_BOOL_DECODER_FILL(count, value, bufptr, bufend);
const unsigned char *bufptr = br->user_buffer;
const unsigned char *bufend = br->user_buffer_end;
VP9_BD_VALUE value = br->value;
int count = br->count;
int shift = VP9_BD_VALUE_SIZE - 8 - (count + 8);
int loop_end = 0;
int bits_left = (int)((bufend - bufptr)*CHAR_BIT);
int x = shift + CHAR_BIT - bits_left;
if (x >= 0) {
count += VP9_LOTS_OF_BITS;
loop_end = x;
if (x < 0 || bits_left) {
while (shift >= loop_end) {
count += CHAR_BIT;
value |= (VP9_BD_VALUE)*bufptr++ << shift;
shift -= CHAR_BIT;
br->user_buffer = bufptr;
br->value = value;
......@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@
typedef size_t VP9_BD_VALUE;
# define VP9_BD_VALUE_SIZE ((int)sizeof(VP9_BD_VALUE)*CHAR_BIT)
#define VP9_BD_VALUE_SIZE ((int)sizeof(VP9_BD_VALUE)*CHAR_BIT)
/*This is meant to be a large, positive constant that can still be efficiently
loaded as an immediate (on platforms like ARM, for example).
Even relatively modest values like 100 would work fine.*/
# define VP9_LOTS_OF_BITS (0x40000000)
#define VP9_LOTS_OF_BITS (0x40000000)
typedef struct {
const unsigned char *user_buffer_end;
......@@ -150,6 +150,6 @@ static int bool_error(BOOL_DECODER *br) {
return 0;
extern int vp9_decode_unsigned_max(BOOL_DECODER *br, int max);
int vp9_decode_unsigned_max(BOOL_DECODER *br, int max);
......@@ -14,6 +14,6 @@
struct VP9Decompressor;
extern void vp9_init_de_quantizer(struct VP9Decompressor *pbi);
void vp9_init_de_quantizer(struct VP9Decompressor *pbi);
......@@ -11,29 +11,34 @@
#include "vp9/common/vp9_blockd.h"
extern void vp9_dequant_idct_add_lossless_c(int16_t *input, const int16_t *dq,
void vp9_dequant_idct_add_lossless_c(int16_t *input, const int16_t *dq,
unsigned char *pred,
unsigned char *output,
int pitch, int stride);
extern void vp9_dequant_dc_idct_add_lossless_c(int16_t *input, const int16_t *dq,
void vp9_dequant_dc_idct_add_lossless_c(int16_t *input, const int16_t *dq,
unsigned char *pred,
unsigned char *output,
int pitch, int stride, int dc);
extern void vp9_dequant_dc_idct_add_y_block_lossless_c(int16_t *q,
void vp9_dequant_dc_idct_add_y_block_lossless_c(int16_t *q,
const int16_t *dq,
unsigned char *pre,
unsigned char *dst,
int stride,
const int16_t *dc);
extern void vp9_dequant_idct_add_y_block_lossless_c(int16_t *q, const int16_t *dq,
void vp9_dequant_idct_add_y_block_lossless_c(int16_t *q, const int16_t *dq,
unsigned char *pre,
unsigned char *dst,
int stride,
struct macroblockd *xd);
extern void vp9_dequant_idct_add_uv_block_lossless_c(int16_t *q, const int16_t *dq,
void vp9_dequant_idct_add_uv_block_lossless_c(int16_t *q, const int16_t *dq,
unsigned char *pre,
unsigned char *dst_u,
unsigned char *dst_v,
......@@ -88,4 +93,4 @@ void vp9_dequant_idct_add_uv_block_4x4_inplace_c(int16_t *q, const int16_t *dq,
int stride,
......@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@ const unsigned int vp9_prob_cost[256] = {
void vp9_start_encode(BOOL_CODER *br, unsigned char *source) {
br->lowvalue = 0;
br->range = 255;
br->value = 0;
......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@
struct macroblock;
extern void vp9_build_block_offsets(struct macroblock *x);
void vp9_build_block_offsets(struct macroblock *x);
extern void vp9_setup_block_ptrs(struct macroblock *x);
void vp9_setup_block_ptrs(struct macroblock *x);
......@@ -11,12 +11,12 @@
extern void vp9_init_first_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
extern void vp9_first_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
extern void vp9_end_first_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
void vp9_init_first_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
void vp9_first_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
void vp9_end_first_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
extern void vp9_init_second_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
extern void vp9_second_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
extern void vp9_end_second_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
void vp9_init_second_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
void vp9_second_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
void vp9_end_second_pass(VP9_COMP *cpi);
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