Commit 5a995d7f authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix skip cost estimate in lv-map

Properly count the skip block rate cost in level-map / vtx
scheme. It improves the compression performance gains by 0.2%
when both are turned on.

Change-Id: I0101c78d84470f40cb11e5f95f83ed4ee9c625cb
parent 56359d44
......@@ -4308,14 +4308,13 @@ static void select_tx_block(const AV1_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int blk_row,
int64_t this_rd = INT64_MAX;
ENTROPY_CONTEXT *pta = ta + blk_col;
ENTROPY_CONTEXT *ptl = tl + blk_row;
int coeff_ctx, i;
int i;
int ctx = txfm_partition_context(tx_above + blk_col, tx_left + blk_row,
mbmi->sb_type, tx_size);
int64_t sum_rd = INT64_MAX;
int tmp_eob = 0;
int zero_blk_rate;
RD_STATS sum_rd_stats;
const int tx_size_ctx = txsize_sqr_map[tx_size];
TX_TYPE best_tx_type = TX_TYPES;
int txk_idx = block;
......@@ -4330,14 +4329,22 @@ static void select_tx_block(const AV1_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int blk_row,
coeff_ctx = get_entropy_context(tx_size, pta, ptl);
if (blk_row >= max_blocks_high || blk_col >= max_blocks_wide) return;
TX_SIZE txs_ctx = get_txsize_context(tx_size);
TXB_CTX txb_ctx;
get_txb_ctx(plane_bsize, tx_size, plane, pta, ptl, &txb_ctx);
zero_blk_rate =
av1_cost_bit(xd->fc->txb_skip[txs_ctx][txb_ctx.txb_skip_ctx], 1);
const int tx_size_ctx = txsize_sqr_map[tx_size];
int coeff_ctx = get_entropy_context(tx_size, pta, ptl);
zero_blk_rate = x->token_costs[tx_size_ctx][pd->plane_type][1][0][0]
if (cpi->common.tx_mode == TX_MODE_SELECT || tx_size == TX_4X4) {
inter_tx_size[0][0] = tx_size;
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