Commit 5bedd5dc authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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idct16x16_sse4_1: correct fn sig for visual studio

formal parameter with __declspec(align('16')) won't be aligned

Change-Id: Ie073a53dd99913ba8c9f05964590dd7dcdf7d9fe
parent be111b38
......@@ -907,24 +907,24 @@ static void idct16x16_sse4_1(__m128i *in, __m128i *out, int bit) {
v[6] = u[6];
v[7] = u[7];
v[8] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi60, u[8], cospim4, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi28, u[9], cospim36, u[14], rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi44, u[10], cospim20, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[11] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi12, u[11], cospim52, u[12], rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi52, u[11], cospi12, u[12], rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi20, u[10], cospi44, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi36, u[9], cospi28, u[14], rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi4, u[8], cospi60, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[8] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi60, &u[8], &cospim4, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi28, &u[9], &cospim36, &u[14], &rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi44, &u[10], &cospim20, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[11] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi12, &u[11], &cospim52, &u[12], &rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi52, &u[11], &cospi12, &u[12], &rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi20, &u[10], &cospi44, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi36, &u[9], &cospi28, &u[14], &rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi4, &u[8], &cospi60, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
// stage 3
u[0] = v[0];
u[1] = v[1];
u[2] = v[2];
u[3] = v[3];
u[4] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi56, v[4], cospim8, v[7], rnding, bit);
u[5] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi24, v[5], cospim40, v[6], rnding, bit);
u[6] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi40, v[5], cospi24, v[6], rnding, bit);
u[7] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi8, v[4], cospi56, v[7], rnding, bit);
u[4] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi56, &v[4], &cospim8, &v[7], &rnding, bit);
u[5] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi24, &v[5], &cospim40, &v[6], &rnding, bit);
u[6] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi40, &v[5], &cospi24, &v[6], &rnding, bit);
u[7] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi8, &v[4], &cospi56, &v[7], &rnding, bit);
u[8] = _mm_add_epi32(v[8], v[9]);
u[9] = _mm_sub_epi32(v[8], v[9]);
u[10] = _mm_sub_epi32(v[11], v[10]);
......@@ -945,19 +945,19 @@ static void idct16x16_sse4_1(__m128i *in, __m128i *out, int bit) {
v[1] = _mm_add_epi32(v[1], rnding);
v[1] = _mm_srai_epi32(v[1], bit);
v[2] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi48, u[2], cospim16, u[3], rnding, bit);
v[3] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi16, u[2], cospi48, u[3], rnding, bit);
v[2] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi48, &u[2], &cospim16, &u[3], &rnding, bit);
v[3] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi16, &u[2], &cospi48, &u[3], &rnding, bit);
v[4] = _mm_add_epi32(u[4], u[5]);
v[5] = _mm_sub_epi32(u[4], u[5]);
v[6] = _mm_sub_epi32(u[7], u[6]);
v[7] = _mm_add_epi32(u[6], u[7]);
v[8] = u[8];
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim16, u[9], cospi48, u[14], rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim48, u[10], cospim16, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim16, &u[9], &cospi48, &u[14], &rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim48, &u[10], &cospim16, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[11] = u[11];
v[12] = u[12];
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim16, u[10], cospi48, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi48, u[9], cospi16, u[14], rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim16, &u[10], &cospi48, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi48, &u[9], &cospi16, &u[14], &rnding, bit);
v[15] = u[15];
// stage 5
......@@ -1183,18 +1183,18 @@ static void iadst16x16_sse4_1(__m128i *in, __m128i *out, int bit) {
v[1] = u[1];
v[2] = u[2];
v[3] = u[3];
v[4] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi16, u[4], cospi48, u[5], rnding, bit);
v[5] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi48, u[4], cospim16, u[5], rnding, bit);
v[6] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim48, u[6], cospi16, u[7], rnding, bit);
v[7] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi16, u[6], cospi48, u[7], rnding, bit);
v[4] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi16, &u[4], &cospi48, &u[5], &rnding, bit);
v[5] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi48, &u[4], &cospim16, &u[5], &rnding, bit);
v[6] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim48, &u[6], &cospi16, &u[7], &rnding, bit);
v[7] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi16, &u[6], &cospi48, &u[7], &rnding, bit);
v[8] = u[8];
v[9] = u[9];
v[10] = u[10];
v[11] = u[11];
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi16, u[12], cospi48, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi48, u[12], cospim16, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim48, u[14], cospi16, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi16, u[14], cospi48, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi16, &u[12], &cospi48, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi48, &u[12], &cospim16, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim48, &u[14], &cospi16, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi16, &u[14], &cospi48, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
// stage 5
u[0] = _mm_add_epi32(v[0], v[4]);
......@@ -1223,14 +1223,14 @@ static void iadst16x16_sse4_1(__m128i *in, __m128i *out, int bit) {
v[5] = u[5];
v[6] = u[6];
v[7] = u[7];
v[8] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi8, u[8], cospi56, u[9], rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi56, u[8], cospim8, u[9], rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi40, u[10], cospi24, u[11], rnding, bit);
v[11] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi24, u[10], cospim40, u[11], rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim56, u[12], cospi8, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi8, u[12], cospi56, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospim24, u[14], cospi40, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi40, u[14], cospi24, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[8] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi8, &u[8], &cospi56, &u[9], &rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi56, &u[8], &cospim8, &u[9], &rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi40, &u[10], &cospi24, &u[11], &rnding, bit);
v[11] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi24, &u[10], &cospim40, &u[11], &rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim56, &u[12], &cospi8, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi8, &u[12], &cospi56, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospim24, &u[14], &cospi40, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi40, &u[14], &cospi24, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
// stage 7
u[0] = _mm_add_epi32(v[0], v[8]);
......@@ -1251,22 +1251,22 @@ static void iadst16x16_sse4_1(__m128i *in, __m128i *out, int bit) {
u[15] = _mm_sub_epi32(v[7], v[15]);
// stage 8
v[0] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi2, u[0], cospi62, u[1], rnding, bit);
v[1] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi62, u[0], cospim2, u[1], rnding, bit);
v[2] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi10, u[2], cospi54, u[3], rnding, bit);
v[3] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi54, u[2], cospim10, u[3], rnding, bit);
v[4] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi18, u[4], cospi46, u[5], rnding, bit);
v[5] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi46, u[4], cospim18, u[5], rnding, bit);
v[6] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi26, u[6], cospi38, u[7], rnding, bit);
v[7] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi38, u[6], cospim26, u[7], rnding, bit);
v[8] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi34, u[8], cospi30, u[9], rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi30, u[8], cospim34, u[9], rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi42, u[10], cospi22, u[11], rnding, bit);
v[11] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi22, u[10], cospim42, u[11], rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi50, u[12], cospi14, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi14, u[12], cospim50, u[13], rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi58, u[14], cospi6, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(cospi6, u[14], cospim58, u[15], rnding, bit);
v[0] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi2, &u[0], &cospi62, &u[1], &rnding, bit);
v[1] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi62, &u[0], &cospim2, &u[1], &rnding, bit);
v[2] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi10, &u[2], &cospi54, &u[3], &rnding, bit);
v[3] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi54, &u[2], &cospim10, &u[3], &rnding, bit);
v[4] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi18, &u[4], &cospi46, &u[5], &rnding, bit);
v[5] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi46, &u[4], &cospim18, &u[5], &rnding, bit);
v[6] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi26, &u[6], &cospi38, &u[7], &rnding, bit);
v[7] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi38, &u[6], &cospim26, &u[7], &rnding, bit);
v[8] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi34, &u[8], &cospi30, &u[9], &rnding, bit);
v[9] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi30, &u[8], &cospim34, &u[9], &rnding, bit);
v[10] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi42, &u[10], &cospi22, &u[11], &rnding, bit);
v[11] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi22, &u[10], &cospim42, &u[11], &rnding, bit);
v[12] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi50, &u[12], &cospi14, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[13] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi14, &u[12], &cospim50, &u[13], &rnding, bit);
v[14] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi58, &u[14], &cospi6, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
v[15] = half_btf_sse4_1(&cospi6, &u[14], &cospim58, &u[15], &rnding, bit);
// stage 9
out[0 * 4 + col] = v[1];
......@@ -77,14 +77,15 @@ static INLINE void transpose_16x16(const __m128i *in, __m128i *out) {
// Note:
// rounding = 1 << (bit - 1)
static INLINE __m128i half_btf_sse4_1(__m128i w0, __m128i n0, __m128i w1,
__m128i n1, __m128i rounding, int bit) {
static INLINE __m128i half_btf_sse4_1(const __m128i *w0, const __m128i *n0,
const __m128i *w1, const __m128i *n1,
const __m128i *rounding, int bit) {
__m128i x, y;
x = _mm_mullo_epi32(w0, n0);
y = _mm_mullo_epi32(w1, n1);
x = _mm_mullo_epi32(*w0, *n0);
y = _mm_mullo_epi32(*w1, *n1);
x = _mm_add_epi32(x, y);
x = _mm_add_epi32(x, rounding);
x = _mm_add_epi32(x, *rounding);
x = _mm_srai_epi32(x, bit);
return x;
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