Commit 5ca96f9d authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "Clarify purpose of VP9_INVERT_TILE_DECODE_ORDER"

parents 05d19e06 6f4d29c5
......@@ -85,7 +85,14 @@ enum vp8_dec_control_id {
/** For testing. */
/** control function to invert the decoding order to from right to left. The
* function is used in a test to confirm the decoding independence of tile
* columns. The function may be used in application where this order
* of decoding is desired.
* TODO(yaowu): Rework the unit test that uses this control, and in a future
* release, this test-only control shall be removed.
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