Commit 5dad9a89 authored by Thomas Davies's avatar Thomas Davies
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EC_ADAPT: minor simplification to adaptation mechanism.

This removes an instruction from the HW path. It also improves
BDR by 0.02% on all metrics (AWCY, High Latency,

Change-Id: I9f8a86871e1c0db4a0704dee297acd6977abcbe4
parent 76b89631
......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, extern const uint8_t, aom_norm[256]);
static INLINE void update_cdf(aom_cdf_prob *cdf, int val, int nsymbs) {
const int rate = 4 + (cdf[nsymbs] > 31) + get_msb(nsymbs);
const int rate2 = 12 - rate;
const int rate2 = 5;
int i, tmp;
int diff;
#if 1
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