Commit 61046b8d authored by James Berry's avatar James Berry
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build error fix - obj_int_extract.bat

obj_int_extract.bat was not being copied
correctly for make dist. It now is.

Change-Id: I976479f90bbfa4798f241db1055e1e3b04ca2830
parent 8ef25de3
......@@ -336,6 +336,7 @@ ifneq ($(call enabled,DIST-SRCS),)
DIST-SRCS-$(CONFIG_MSVS) += build/make/
DIST-SRCS-$(CONFIG_MSVS) += build/make/
DIST-SRCS-$(CONFIG_MSVS) += build/x86-msvs/yasm.rules
DIST-SRCS-$(CONFIG_MSVS) += build/x86-msvs/obj_int_extract.bat
DIST-SRCS-$(CONFIG_RVCT) += build/make/
# Include obj_int_extract if we use offsets from asm_*_offsets
DIST-SRCS-$(ARCH_ARM)$(ARCH_X86)$(ARCH_X86_64) += build/make/obj_int_extract.c
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