Commit 6217782f authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han

Drop repeated tx size search from intra mode txfm RD

When the coding block size is below 16x16, the current tx size
search loop may end up searching 4x4 transform size multiple times.
This commit skips the redundant search steps. Tested a a few
1080p clips at 4 Mbps, the encoding speed is up by 10% for key
frame coding, and 3% for overall.

Change-Id: Ifbb27bad1ec55ef0011b1e789d995f36b3f4605e
parent 16f38c2c
......@@ -2498,6 +2498,7 @@ static void choose_tx_size_type_from_rd(const AV1_COMP *const cpi,
if (mbmi->sb_type < BLOCK_8X8 && is_inter) break;
if (n == TX_4X4) break;
mbmi->tx_size = best_tx_size;
mbmi->tx_type = best_tx_type;
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