Commit 626d3ca8 authored by Jim Bankoski's avatar Jim Bankoski Committed by James Zern
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Change to fourcc to enable decoding of ffmpeg files.

Change-Id: Ia16f167d904d53bc38cb3a8c841c6c52daad500f
(cherry picked from commit 296421d8)
reverts: dbd050c5 vpxdec: correct VP[89] fourccs
parent 70d12c3a
......@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@
static const char *exec_name;
#define VP8_FOURCC (0x30385056)
#define VP9_FOURCC (0x30395056)
#define VP8_FOURCC (0x00385056)
#define VP9_FOURCC (0x00395056)
static const struct {
char const *name;
const vpx_codec_iface_t *(*iface)(void);
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