Commit 641c1e57 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Shortcut soft quant optimization for certain coeffs

When the reconstructed coefficient is below the original coeff
in magnitude, skip the level down search for the given coefficient.
With fast-mode fix, performance change is within 0.01% level. The
overall clip encoding process speed is up by 10%-15%.

Change-Id: I93b68e494aa995faa3093fdfa1bda0bcb0e2564a
parent e3bae4a3
......@@ -1769,6 +1769,10 @@ void try_level_down_facade(LevelDownStats *stats, int scan_idx,
const int dqv = txb_info->dequant[coeff_idx != 0];
const tran_low_t dqc = qcoeff_to_dqcoeff(qc, dqv, txb_info->shift);
if (scan_idx != txb_info->eob - 1)
if (abs(dqc) < abs(tqc)) return;
const int64_t dqc_dist = get_coeff_dist(tqc, dqc, txb_info->shift);
stats->low_qc = get_lower_coeff(qc);
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