Commit 654f8555 authored by Sarah Parker's avatar Sarah Parker Committed by Yi Luo
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Fix build error in ext-inter highbitdepth

This was caused by a refactor in Ie105a7baf6a2c2258d3ef117e727957e4393f51b

Change-Id: I3a1d958d1e8759b9c1c215ea48763ee8deb62cf3
parent 7a483cff
......@@ -419,7 +419,8 @@ static void build_masked_compound_wedge_highbd(
// pass in subsampling factors directly.
const int subh = (2 << b_height_log2_lookup[sb_type]) == h;
const int subw = (2 << b_width_log2_lookup[sb_type]) == w;
const uint8_t *mask = av1_get_compound_type_mask(comp_data, sb_type, 0);
const uint8_t *mask =
av1_get_contiguous_soft_mask(wedge_index, wedge_sign, sb_type);
aom_highbd_blend_a64_mask(dst_8, dst_stride, src0_8, src0_stride, src1_8,
src1_stride, mask, block_size_wide[sb_type], h, w,
subh, subw, bd);
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