Commit 67a7d9f7 authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan
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Fix CONFIG_DAALA_DCT4/8/16 builds with CMake.

Build aom_ports/x86/emms.asm for all x86 targets. It was
previously guarded by HAVE_MMX, which violates assumptions
established by the configure build.


Change-Id: Icac2b0ba6272c61dbb71dfc3824a8cf391c251b6
parent 33698326
......@@ -22,16 +22,16 @@ set(AOM_PORTS_INCLUDES
set(AOM_PORTS_ASM_X86 "${AOM_ROOT}/aom_ports/emms.asm")
set(AOM_PORTS_ASM_MMX "${AOM_ROOT}/aom_ports/emms.asm")
# For arm targets and targets where HAVE_MMX is true:
# For arm and x86 targets:
# Creates the aom_ports build target, adds the includes in aom_ports to the
# target, and makes libaom depend on it.
# Otherwise:
......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ set(AOM_PORTS_SOURCES_ARM
# For all target platforms:
# The libaom target must exist before this function is called.
function (setup_aom_ports_targets)
add_asm_library("aom_ports" "AOM_PORTS_ASM_MMX" "aom")
if ("${AOM_TARGET_CPU}" MATCHES "^x86")
add_asm_library("aom_ports" "AOM_PORTS_ASM_X86" "aom")
set(aom_ports_has_symbols 1)
elseif ("${AOM_TARGET_CPU}" MATCHES "arm")
add_library(aom_ports OBJECT ${AOM_PORTS_SOURCES_ARM})
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