Commit 67b61c7a authored by hkuang's avatar hkuang

Fix jenkins unit test failure due to "uninitialised value".

Change-Id: Ief6b526486bc729dcb787358bc0b781f278bdc66
parent dd27307c
......@@ -404,6 +404,7 @@ static vpx_codec_err_t init_decoder(vpx_codec_alg_priv_t *ctx) {
frame_worker_data->scratch_buffer = NULL;
frame_worker_data->scratch_buffer_size = 0;
frame_worker_data->frame_context_ready = 0;
frame_worker_data->received_frame = 0;
if (pthread_mutex_init(&frame_worker_data->stats_mutex, NULL)) {
set_error_detail(ctx, "Failed to allocate frame_worker_data mutex");
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