Commit 686c5979 authored by Linfeng Zhang's avatar Linfeng Zhang
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Enable av1_lowbd_fwd_txfm2d_4x8_sse2

Forgot to put it in the function table.

Change-Id: I86192158f74df84fca6c4a3dbda8b01659f6c9bd
parent 7bd00743
......@@ -2452,7 +2452,7 @@ FwdTxfm2dFuncSSE2 fwd_txfm2d_func_ls[TX_SIZES_ALL] = {
#if CONFIG_TX64X64
NULL, // 64x64 transform
#endif // CONFIG_TX64X64
NULL, // 4x8 transform
av1_lowbd_fwd_txfm2d_4x8_sse2, // 4x8 transform
av1_lowbd_fwd_txfm2d_8x4_sse2, // 8x4 transform
av1_lowbd_fwd_txfm2d_8x16_sse2, // 8x16 transform
av1_lowbd_fwd_txfm2d_16x8_sse2, // 16x8 transform
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