Commit 6a3d689b authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix intra boundary condition in ext-partition

Make the intra prediction boundary condition account for the
64x64 processing unit constraint. This avoids a rare enc/dec
mismatch issue in 128x128 intra coded block.

Change-Id: Idb05cae8b17ae94c7a4e49e5d58b5865e5fc2f7d
parent 9050c9da
......@@ -539,6 +539,11 @@ static int has_top_right(BLOCK_SIZE bsize, int mi_row, int mi_col,
if (row_off > 0) { // Just need to check if enough pixels on the right.
if (col_off + top_right_count_unit >=
(block_size_wide[BLOCK_64X64] >> (tx_size_wide_log2[0] + ss_x)))
return 0;
return col_off + top_right_count_unit < plane_bw_unit;
} else {
// All top-right pixels are in the block above, which is already available.
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