Commit 6bec6ec6 authored by Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar Sebastien Alaiwan
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Fix stream info peeking


Change-Id: Iefce035d633d1533c8400d85b3257971757160bc
parent 34c9d8bd
......@@ -218,6 +218,19 @@ static aom_codec_err_t decoder_peek_si_internal(
data = clear_buffer;
// skip a potential superframe index
uint32_t frame_sizes[8];
int frame_count;
int index_size = 0;
aom_codec_err_t res = av1_parse_superframe_index(
data, data_sz, frame_sizes, &frame_count, &index_size, NULL, NULL);
if (res != AOM_CODEC_OK) return res;
data += index_size;
data_sz -= index_size;
int show_frame;
int error_resilient;
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