Commit 6de954c3 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix multi-thread encoding for cb4x4 mode

This commit makes the encoder to properly account for all transform
block sizes when combining statistics from encoding threads.

Change-Id: I010acd3b247dc890f63756d3d1436b1fb52ea2d9
parent 569eddab
...@@ -4781,7 +4781,7 @@ static void encode_frame_to_data_rate(AV1_COMP *cpi, size_t *size, ...@@ -4781,7 +4781,7 @@ static void encode_frame_to_data_rate(AV1_COMP *cpi, size_t *size,
av1_update_reference_frames(cpi); av1_update_reference_frames(cpi);
for (t = TX_4X4; t < TX_SIZES; t++) for (t = 0; t < TX_SIZES; t++)
av1_full_to_model_counts(cpi->td.counts->coef[t], av1_full_to_model_counts(cpi->td.counts->coef[t],
cpi->td.rd_counts.coef_counts[t]); cpi->td.rd_counts.coef_counts[t]);
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