Commit 6e87880e authored by Jian Zhou's avatar Jian Zhou Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "Speed up tm_predictor_16x16"

parents 62f98626 c7fae5d8
......@@ -663,39 +663,40 @@ cglobal tm_predictor_8x8, 4, 4, 5, dst, stride, above, left
cglobal tm_predictor_16x16, 4, 4, 7, dst, stride, above, left
cglobal tm_predictor_16x16, 4, 5, 8, dst, stride, above, left
pxor m1, m1
movd m2, [aboveq-1]
mova m0, [aboveq]
punpcklbw m2, m1
mova m2, [aboveq-16];
mova m0, [aboveq] ; t1 t2 ... t16 [byte]
punpckhbw m2, m1 ; [127:112] tl [word]
punpckhbw m4, m0, m1
punpcklbw m0, m1
pshuflw m2, m2, 0x0
DEFINE_ARGS dst, stride, line, left
punpcklbw m0, m1 ; m0:m4 t1 t2 ... t16 [word]
DEFINE_ARGS dst, stride, line, left, stride8
mov lineq, -8
punpcklqdq m2, m2
add leftq, 16
pshufhw m2, m2, 0xff
mova m3, [leftq] ; l1 l2 ... l16 [byte]
punpckhqdq m2, m2 ; tl repeated 8 times [word]
psubw m0, m2
psubw m4, m2
psubw m4, m2 ; m0:m4 t1-tl t2-tl ... t16-tl [word]
punpckhbw m5, m3, m1
punpcklbw m3, m1 ; m3:m5 l1 l2 ... l16 [word]
lea stride8q, [strideq*8]
movd m2, [leftq+lineq*2]
movd m3, [leftq+lineq*2+1]
punpcklbw m2, m1
punpcklbw m3, m1
pshuflw m2, m2, 0x0
pshuflw m3, m3, 0x0
punpcklqdq m2, m2
punpcklqdq m3, m3
paddw m5, m2, m0
paddw m6, m3, m0
paddw m2, m4
paddw m3, m4
packuswb m5, m2
packuswb m6, m3
mova [dstq ], m5
mova [dstq+strideq], m6
lea dstq, [dstq+strideq*2]
pshuflw m6, m3, 0x0
pshuflw m7, m5, 0x0
punpcklqdq m6, m6 ; l1 repeated 8 times [word]
punpcklqdq m7, m7 ; l8 repeated 8 times [word]
paddw m1, m6, m0
paddw m6, m4 ; m1:m6 ti-tl+l1 [i=1,15] [word]
psrldq m5, 2
packuswb m1, m6
mova [dstq ], m1
paddw m1, m7, m0
paddw m7, m4 ; m1:m7 ti-tl+l8 [i=1,15] [word]
psrldq m3, 2
packuswb m1, m7
mova [dstq+stride8q], m1
inc lineq
lea dstq, [dstq+strideq]
jnz .loop
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